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Disk Maintenance: Defrag
Posted by Clarke M on 03 April 2006 08:43 PM
Disk Storage.
Your computer stores information on a disk drive using magnetic impulses similar to that used on a video tape except that with a disk it is much easier to find a particular bit of data quickly. No rewinding or fast forward required.
When you delete files it leaves unused spaces on your disk. The next time you create a file it will store as much of it as possible in the first vacant lot. If it does not all fit then it will store the remainder in the next available spot, and so on.
This careful use of your free space allows you to store a lot of data but over time your files will end up being stored in little bits all over the drive. Your data can now be described as fragmented.

Now we mentioned that a Disk is great for finding things quickly, however it does take more time to assemble a file from several parts, not to mention all the extra work of moving the read/write heads all over the surface of the disks.

Solution: run your defrag utility program and re-arrange the whole mess so every file is stored in a single chunk. icon_smile.gif
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