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File transfer: Need to send a huge file?
Posted by Clarke M on 03 April 2006 08:22 PM
A lot of people have problems sending files via email, and for good reason. Email is the least efficient way to send files. Because of the encoding that has to be done, your large file will grow about 30% when sent through email. It will also clog the recipient's mailbox if they use a dial-up connection.

There IS a much better way, and it does not involve downloading any software, or learning to use anything complicated. It's a website called You Send It, and it allows you to transfer files of up to one GIGABYTE. You upload a file to their servers, and it will be available for download for seven days, or for 25 downloads.

You can enter the recipient's email address and they will receive notification that a file is waiting - or you can do what I do: enter a nonsense email address and when the file is uploaded, you will be provided with a link. Copy this link, and email it to the recipient yourself.

You may check out the site here:
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