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How to Make a Favicon
Posted by Clarke M on 03 April 2006 07:40 PM
You may have seen some websites with specialized icons that will appear in the address bar, and in your bookmark list when you add the site to your favourites. This is called a "favicon", from "favourite" and "icon". They are very easy to make, and here is how!

Keep in mind that a favicon can only be 16x16 pixels. This is not too big, so your image cannot be too complicated.

- Create your image in your favourite graphics program. Any will do. You can zoom in to create it, but make sure it looks good at 16x16 pixels when you zoom out.

- Save this file as a .bmp file

- Open the file in MS Paint (comes with all flavours of Windows)

- Save the file with the filename favicon.ico

- Upload the file to the root directory of your website.

Voila! Your new favicon will appear beside the URL when someone visits your page.

* Favicons do not work all the time with Internet Explorer. They will display fine in any other browser. *
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