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Staged Powercycle
Posted by Clarke M on 03 April 2006 07:04 PM
Often DSL problems go away after a staged powercycle:

1. Turn off power to the DSL modem and any equipment to connects to it. This includes a computer or router.

2. Power up the DSL modem but leave everything else OFF.

3. Monitor the modem to see when it gets in 'Sync'

Some modems have a light called SYN. Others call it DSL or 'Line Sync'.

Most indicate being in sync with a solid green light. (The black Elastic Networks modem used in the Westport area indicates sync with a quick-flashing green light. This modem is outdated, and there should not be many more left in use)

NOTE. If a modem does not sync up within 2 minutes it most likely will not do so.

4. Once modem is in sync, power on the next device that is connected to it. This could be a router or your computer. If you are using a router, give it time to connect before starting up your computer.

Sometimes the above procedure will even improve a connection that you thought was working OK already.
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