DSL Setup - Speedtouch modem
Posted by Clarke M on 03 April 2006 07:01 PM
(Please note that these instructions can be used for almost any modem. The only thing that will be different is the lights and the placement of the jacks on the back.) Your modem kit will contain:

One RJ-11 Cable (Telephone)
One RJ-45 Cable (Ethernet)
One DSL Modem
One power transformer (may not be exactly as shown)
Two Inline filters

Devices such as fax machines, caller ID boxes, or phones that share the same phone number as your DSL account require a line filter, which prevents modem noise from disrupting the DSL signal on the phone line. Filters can be in the form of a stand-alone line filter or a wall mount filter.

1. Unplug the device's cord from the phone jack.
2. Plug the filter into the phone jack.
3. Plug the phone cord (or other device cord) into the filter.

A filter can also be plugged into a two-to-one adapter if you DSL modem will share the same phone jack with another device.

When connecting the DSL modem to the computer please follow the instructions below:

When your service is live and your modem is connected properly, all four lights on the modem are green and lit, if you have any problems, please call Support at 613-507-9000.

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