Mac OS9.2 Setup Assistant
Posted by Clarke M on 03 April 2006 06:45 PM
These instructions will take you through configuring your MAC to connect to the WTC Communication's dial up service.

Find the Assistants folder. The path in the OS9.2 file system is shown in the screen shot.

Start the Internet Setup Assistant. The dialog box is shown below. Click Yes to continue.

The Internet Setup Assistant Introduction Dialog box will appear. The information required to complete the setup will be:
Domain Name Server (DNS ) (Primary) (Secondary)
Type of Configuration: PPP
IP Address: WTC Communications
Your ISP Phone Number: This is the phone number of the WTC Communications Server. 613-273-5009 or 613-547-5009

In the next dialog box, specify a name for your connection. (InterNet WTC Communications). Answer 'How Will you be connecting to the internet?' by selecting 'Modem.' Click the right arrow to continue.
At the Modem Settings dialog box, specify the type of modem: Mac Internal 56k may be the default. Internal Modem port is the correct setting for a dial-up connection. Most phones use Tone. Leave Ignore Dial Tone blank. Click the right arrow to continue.

Enter the configuration information

613-273-5009 or 613-547-5009
Enter your User name and password and continue.
The next window specifies whether PPP Connect Scripts are used. (We do not use them). So click NO for PPP Connect Scripts. Right arrow to continue.

We use dynamic IP address assignment (i.e., your internet address is assigned to you each time you start the computer). So, answer NO to the question Is there an IP address for this configuration?

The next window asks for the address of the Domain Name Servers. Enter the numbers as they appear below. (They MUST be correct, or your internet connection will not work!). Also, enter the name of the Domain for the school. It is, as shown.

Next, enter your e-mail address and password.
Your e-mail address is

Specify the outgoing (also called SMTP) mail server, as follows.
Enter Then specify the name of the server:
Specify the Newsgroup server. Specify the name server as:

Finally, click Go Ahead to connect when finished

Restart your system
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