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Upgrading to DSL: Getting in Sync
Posted by Clarke M on 28 March 2006 06:28 PM
Is my computer equipped for DSL service?

Ethernet port:

You need one of these to connect your computer to the DSL modem. This looks just like an oversized telephone jack. Newer computers come with them and they can be added to older ones by installing a NIC (Network Interface Card).

The Modem:

Don't let the similar name lead you astray, a DSL modem is quite different from a dialup (telephone) modem. This device does not make phone calls to connect you to a server that is why you can use your phone and surf at the same time. All you need to know about it is how to connect it and how to determine when it is in touch with the server.

Making the connection:

There will be 3 cables to connect to the modem.
* Telephone
* Power
* Ethernet

Lets start with the Ethernet cable.
This looks like an oversized telephone cable. It will only fit into one place in the modem . Don't worry about connecting the other end of it at the moment.

Next we connect the telephone jack.
This should be as short as possible. 4-6 ft is good.

Avoid splitters where possible and do not use a DSL filter for this connection. Filters should be used for all other devices that connect to your phone jacks but you dont want to filter out your internet signal that goes to your modem.

Be carefull when connecting the modem end of the cable. It is possible to insert it in the Ethernet jack by mistake but if you completed the previous step you will only have one unused jack available.

The Power supply is next.
Many DSL modems do not have Off/On switches so connecting the power cable will start it running.

Is there a DSL signal on my phone line ?
At this point some lights should be showing on your modem. The most important one indicates the presence of a signal and may be labled in one of the following ways:
* Line Sync
* Syn
* ADSL Link

It can take a couple of minutes for a DSL modem to get 'in sync'. During this time the indicator light may flash and change colour but eventually will display a steady green light.

If Modem is not in sync after 3 minutes there is a problem.

Possible Causes:
* The signal has not been placed on your phone line yet.
* Some phone, fax, dialup modem, satellite receiver, alarm system or other device that uses your phone line is not filtered.
* Your modem has been filtered by mistake.
* You have a defective filter.
* Your house wiring has a jack with reversed polarity rendering the filter ineffective.
* You are too far from the TelCo substation for your currently assigned sync rate.

- Art
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