Linksys BEF-series Routers and DSL Warning
Posted by Clarke M on 28 March 2006 06:24 PM
We have been receiving many calls from customers using Linksys routers, namely the ones in the BEF series. Many customers are receiving "LCP negotiation failures" when trying to connect to DSL via PPPoE. In a few cases, this is resolved by rolling back to previous firmware, but in some cases, the Linksys router will simply not connect at all, or will disconnect all the time. Sometimes it will connect, but only after about 10-20 restarts of the router.

Certain brands of Bell DSLAMS (DSL access multiplexers - the boxes that all the DSL customers connect to) will not work properly with some Linksys routers. Any other router will work with no problems at all.

We contacted Linksys about this problem, and were told that it is a password problem, and to contact our ISP. (!?¿?)

Folks, it's not a password problem. We've done this a few times.

If you are shopping for a router, it would be advisable at this time to stay away from Linksys BEF series routers (we've heard no complaints from users of non-BEF Linksys routers).

- Clarke
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