Stopping Pop-ups in Internet Explorer
Posted by Clarke M on 28 March 2006 05:12 PM
I know this is one you have all been waiting for. How many of you are annoyed by constant pop-up ads when surfing the Internet? Likely everyone who reads this knowledgebase!

There is good news. Most of them can be stopped! And the program you need to do so is absolutely free.

It's called the Google Toolbar, and it is available for download here:

Download the program and install it on your computer.

This toolbar incorporates a convenient Google search into your Internet Explorer (version 5 or later) toolbar. Netscape and other browsers are not currently supported.

And even better news... not only does it block pop-ups, it also has many other features that are extrordinarily useful in browsing the web!

Other handy features the Google toolbar includes:

- Fill in web page forms with one click
- Restrict search results to pages from a specific country
- Have a dictionary rite at yur fignertipes icon_wink.gif
- Quick links to Google Images, News, Stock Quotes, Web Directory
- Highlight search terms on a page

The toolbar also has a very extensive help site, which is not filled with technobabble. This is located here:

You may even want to peruse these pages before downloading the software, just to get a feel for the toolbar and introduce yourself to its many useful features.

Personally, I have the toolbar installed on both my work and home computers. It does not clutter my taskbar, it is tiny in size, and I can even count the number of pop-ups that it has blocked since I installed the program (191 so far!).

Here is a peek at the toolbar. It can be resized, moved, and you can even choose which features to hide and which to show. I have mine set to about 1/3 of this size:

So, there you go. A way to put an end to annoying pop-ups for free, and with no bloated software packages.
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