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Posted by Clarke M on 27 March 2006 09:56 PM
Email Stuck.

Ever get a message like "Receiving 1 of 5 messages" but not all of the messages arrive? icon_cry.gif Then when you try again you keep getting the same ones over and over. This is usually caused when your email program has a problem loading a message and so is unable to complete the mail pickup. Our server does not get the 'All Clear' message from your computer and so it does not delete any of the messages it has holding for you. Every time you try to check for new messages our server starts sending the entire list again.

The solution:

Surf to and in the top, right corner click on 'webmail' Login with your UserName (not your full email address like you do for Postini) and Password. You can read your messages by clicking on the the 'Subject' links.

To remove a message that you have opened, use the 'Delete' link.
To remove multiple messages select them using the check boxes that appear on the left in your Inbox view and then click 'Delete' in the top right corner.

If your problem was caused by a stuck message, the problem will be gone. icon_biggrin.gif
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