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Setting up Postini (spam & virus filtering)
Posted by Clarke M on 27 March 2006 09:46 PM
To setup Postini you need to go to

Enter your full E-mail Address and password.

You will be redirected to this screen. Just wait the 5 seconds

You will be redirected to this screen where you can view all of your potential spam. You can also delete unwanted messages, or deliver wanted messages.

If you select Junk E-mail Settings you can change your Spam Filtering settings.

The first option is the On/Off switch of the spam filtering. For Postini to work properly, this option should be on.

The second option is the setting for how aggressive you want your spam filtering to be. I would suggest aggressive for all – however, it is your choice.

The third option is the approved/blocked senders list. With this option you can add addresses and domains that you do not ever want to receive e-mail from or you can set addresses that you want to receive e-mail from no matter what the email contains.

If you choose the Virus Settings option from the top, the only option is to enable or disable the virus protection. My suggestion would be to keep the virus protection enabled.

Please note that Postini only scans for e-mail viruses sent to your account. You will still need a virus scanner.
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