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Sync But No Connectivity
Posted by Mark Vandepol on 26 January 2016 12:29 PM

The DSL, Sync or Broadband LED on your modem is Solid but you cannot connect to the Internet.

Powercycle your modem. This can be done by unplugging it, leaving off for 1 minute, then plugging back in. Interference may sometimes be sufficient to cause a connection issue without completely disrupting the line sync. If you can establish a connection with a standalone setup, please troubleshoot with the hardware vendor for your router/firewall/switch. Otherwise, please continue with the below steps

Powercycle all equipment:

Turn off your modem and computer. Power on your modem, Wait until the DSL / Broadband / Sync indicator is solid

Turn on your computer and attempt to connect again. Are you using the provided hardware and cabling? Please ensure the RJ-11 (phone cable) is no longer than 6 feet in length. Is there a phone filter or splitter between the phone jack and the DSL modem? If so, please disconnect it and connect the modem directly to the phone jack.

Do you have an alarm system connected to the same line as the DSL? If so, does it have a DSL filter installed? (Often a special filter from the alarm system manufacturer will be required).

Have you tried replacing the RJ-11 (phone cable) between the phone jack and the DSL modem?

Are there any other devices on the same phone number as the DSL modem? If so, temporarily unplug their telephone cables to ensure they are not causing interference.

Ensure all devices (phones/fax/answering machines/etc) all have filters installed on their respective phone lines. No filter is to be installed on the modem’s phone line.

Plug the DSL modem into another demarcation point (phone jack) with the same telephone number. (If possible)











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