My mail is starting to download, but getting stuck on one message
Posted by Mark Vandepol on 06 May 2011 03:22 PM

Your email program will download the first few messages, and then just get stuck. This happens sometimes on dial-up, and it is almost always due to a very large message blocking all the email behind it. Here is what you can do:

  • Try turning off your antivirus program's email scanning first. Make sure you leave the auto-protect on. Email scanning can really slow down email transfer, especially when transferring large files.
  • Surf a couple of pages on the web while downloading. This keeps the transfer flowing and might help with your download come through
  • Remove the message using webmail for your WTC or your Smarthost email accounts. Log in using your email address (or the first part of if for Internet Kingston email addresses) and the corresponding password. You will have the option to delete messages here).
  • If there are no large messages, but it is still getting stuck, it could be a corrupt message on the server. This is rare, but it happens. Log in to webmail as above, and look for the first message that you do not recognise. Delete it.
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