Sorting Email in Outlook Express
Posted by Clarke M on 27 March 2006 09:29 PM
Open Outlook Express and click Tools - Message Rules - Mail

If you dont have any rules yet it opens the New Rule window.
Rule creation is divided into 3 parts: Conditions, Actions & Description.

To sort messages by sender, check 'Where the from line contains..". You will notice that Rule Description gets filled in as you select conditions and actions. To enter a sender in your list click 'contains people'. This allows entry of addresses manually or from your addressbook.

Now choose what you wish to happen to messages that match your selection.

Choices vary from Placing them in a folder to Deleting them from the server.
Example: One person created the following rule. Where the From line does NOT contain people I know (list of all addressbook entries), move message to Deleted items folder.

Before Postini was available this was the only spam defence for many people.

Example 2: If you have multiple email addresses and would like to keep the messages sorted by who they are sent to.

Where the To line contains people (email address)
Move it to the specified folder

Remember that If you have multiple mail rules the first one that matches will be applied. If your first rule says delete and the second says save, look for the message in your deleted items folder. You can move rules up or down the list to alter their priority.

If you wish to disable a rule but do not want it deleted remove its checkmark in the list of rules, its description will then start with : This rule is currently turned off.

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