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Why do I keep getting disconnected?
Posted by Mark Vandepol on 06 May 2011 03:02 PM
Disconnection problems can happen because of the same reasons as slow speed problems. In addition to the following checklist.
  • An option in Outlook Express is the number one cause of calls to tech support about dropping connection when you don't want to. Try this before anything else if you use Outlook Express:
    • Open Outlook Express.
    • Click Tools
    • Click Options
    • Click the Connections tab
    • Uncheck hang up after sending and receiving
    • click OK
  • Call waiting is also a common cause for disconnecting. If you wish to disable call waiting while on the internet, add "*70," (star, seven, zero, comma) before the dial-up number in your dial-up connection. This will disable call waiting for the duration of your internet connection, and it will automatically be re-enabled when you disconnect from the internet.
  • If your connection is idle for more than 30 minutes (zero data passed back and forth), our server will drop your connection. However, because so many programs chatter to the internet looking for updates and information, it is very seldom that your connection is every completely idle, so idle disconnection dropping is becoming much less common. Our servers also have a session limit of 10 hours, as the modems need to recycle. Your connection will drop after 10 hours, but you are free to reconnect right away.
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